Frequently asked Questions

  • Question: What is Project duration? 

    Answer:  The project duration is 46 months (from May, 2017 to March 2021) 
  • Question:  Who can participate in project activities? 

    Answer:  Every Khulo resident can participate in the project activities, also that people who has or planning to have investmant for economical activities in Khulo   

  • Question:  What is LAG? 

         Answer: LAG (Local Action Group) is civil organization. The main goals of the organization are: Support the state policy and mechanisms for rural development in Khulo municipality; Promote social and economic development of Khulo municipality one the basis of local private and public sector coordination; Promotion youth education, employment and development;  Promotion of social entrepreneurship and innovation in Khulo municipality


  • Question:  When starts grant component? 

Answer: Grant component will start after Local Development Strategy is ready by Local Action Group


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