About Us

Khulo Local Action Group establish on 26th February, 2018 based on General Assembly meeting which was conducted on 17th January and LAG management board election conducted on 22nd of January, 2018. Khulo LAG established within of framework of the project “Promotion of Rural development and Diversification in Khulo Municipality” implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG) within the financial support of EU under the ENPARD programme.

There are 65 members in Khulo LAG, out of which 19 are women and 9 youth. Sectoral division is: 21.5% - private, 50.7% - civil, and 27.8% representing public sector. 

Khulo LAG management board is composed by 15 members. 10 members were elected trough ballot voting principle. In Khulo LAG management board there is one representative of Khulo Municipality City Hall, one representative Khulo Sakrebulo and two members of AMAGI. In total 59 LAG members participated in the election, which is 90.8% of whole membership. During the election no major violations were observed. At the end of the day election voting commission announced elections results to LAG members. Out of 15 board members, 7 represents civil sector, 5 members are from public and 3 – from private sector. The 15th member is CCRG representative, who will be involved in decision making process as well. The management board has been elected for a two-year term and will conduct LAG activities until May 2021. 

The missions of Khulo Local Action Group are:

  • Sustainable development of Khulo municipality based on human and other local resources
  • Promote mutual cooperation between sectors based on the European LEADER approach
  • Promote popularization of Khulo in the country and internationally
  • Promote and develop youth initiatives
  • Support to sustainable management and environmental protection of natural resources

The members of the LAG management board are: Nika Tsulukidze, Guram Abuladze,Tariel Bolkvadze, Rusudan Shantadze, Irma Shavadze, Lela Dzirkvadze, Jujuna Shavadze, Zviad Paksadze, Murad Dzirkvadze, Otar Iakobadze, Rodam Shavadze, Ramin Zoidze, Sulkhan Pasanidze, Giorgi Abuladze.    


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