Caritas Czech Republic is one of the biggest nongovernmental providers of social and health services in the Czech Republic. The main activity of CCR is provision of aid to those in need in the Czech Republic and abroad through foreign development and humanitarian aid programs. CCR is a member of international network Caritas Internationalis. The network is one of the biggest and strongest in the world. Caritas Internationalis offers background, experience, and potential for aid coordination.

 Since 2008 CCR is present in Georgia and works mainly in the field of health care, agriculture, rural development, social inclusion and civil society development.  In Khulo Municipality CCR implemented project introducing measures for preventing landslide processes through planting fruit species on slopes and terraces in Didachara and Dioknisi.For more information visit

Within the EU-funded ENPARD Programme, CCR implements the project „Promotion of Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo municipality“. The duration of the project is May 1, 2017 – March 1, 2021 (46 months).

The overall objective of the action is to contribute to the reduction of rural poverty in Georgia. The specific objective of the action is to improve employment and living conditions in Khulo Municipality through diversification of the rural economy.



Croatian Rural Development Network - HMRR is a civil society organization (CSO) and a network of organisations that promotes sustainable development of Croatian rural areas since 2006. By working together, networking, partnership and knowledge transfer we aim to improve conditions for sustainable development and high-quality life in rural communities. At the start of 2018 the Network counts 46 members.  We advocate an evenly developed Croatia, in which residents of rural areas actively contribute to developing their communities by their social and economic activities.

HMRR's areas of activity are (1) advocating interests of rural stakeholders in creating and implementing public policies; (2) networking and informing our members and contributors to rural development, (3) education, exchange of knowledge and experiences and (4) organisation development.

HMRR initiated and organized two Croatian Rural Parliaments. The goal of the national rural parliament is to hear and appreciate the voice of the rural communities. In the rural parliament, rural areas have the opportunity to influence policy and implementation of rural development and strengthen links and partnerships.


PMC Research Center is an independent think tank, founded in 2010, in Georgia. PMC Research facilitates economic development by elaborating research-based policy options and capacity building focused on economic growth, freedom, and prosperity. The organization has extensive experience of supporting central and local governments by providing comprehensive research, policy recommendations, and technical assistance. PMC Research Center expertise includes implementation of projects through the regions of Georgia.

PMC Research has been supported by various international and government institutions, such as USAID, UNDP, EU, Open Society Foundation, German Marshal Fund, International Visegrad Fund, Asian Development Bank, Konrad Adenauer Fund, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Economy of Georgia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, etc. 



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