The third phase of EU Supported Rural Development Grant Competition in Khulo Municipality has been launched

In the frame of the EU funded project “Promotion of Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo Municipality”, implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG), the second phase of Rural Development (RD) Grant Competition has been completed and results announced. The main purpose of the competition is to improve economic diversification in Khulo municipality.

In the frame of the second phase of the competition 102 Full Project applications have been submitted and registered in the database. Project proposals were evaluated by external experts and ENPARD Khulo monitoring team. 67 applicants received minimal evaluation score to participate in the next stage - verbal presentation. The first 45 high-scored Full Project applicants will be interviewed and remained 22 projects will be in reserve. Projects that will fail in the verbal presentation stage, will be replaced by projects from reserves according to the quotes defined in the Grant Manual. Information about the full project competition results were sent via SMS-message.  

The results of the competition are available online (please follow the link). Please find the low budget projects interview schedule. Schedule of middle and hight budget projects will be available later. Detailed information about each application can be requested within a week (9-20 December 2019) in the Project office according to the notice.

For further details please contact at 551 13 55 25 or via email

The Project is implemented by the Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG) in partnership PMC RC and Croatian Rural Development Network (HMRR) with the financial support of European Union, under the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia – ENPARD II.-48