EU Supported Rural Development Grant Competition in Khulo Municipality has been completed and results announced

In the frame of the EU funded project “Promotion of Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo Municipality”, implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG), Rural Development (RD) Grant Competition has been completed and results announced.


In the frame of the second phase of the competition 120 Full Project applications have been submitted. Project proposals were evaluated by external experts, Khulo LAG Grant Committee and ENPARD Khulo monitoring team. 47 applicants passed minimal evaluation score to participate in the next stage - verbal presentation.

In the frame of Verbal Ppresentations 47 Full Project applications were presented. Five member RD grant committee group conducted interviews with 41 applicants. After the presentation Q/A was organised and the committee was making final decision to finance the project or not. According to quotas, Grant budget limitations and RD grant committee decisions 27 Full Projects out of 41 have been selected. Information about RD grant competition results were sent via SMS-message. 

Winner projects divided by following priority themes:

Rural tourism – 12

Agriculture – 2

Culture, health, education, sports, and youth – 5

Non-farm entrepreneurship – 7

Environment and Sustainable management of Natural resources – 1

For detail information about the projects please see the link

The Project is implemented by the Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG) in partnership PMC RC and Croatian Rural Development Network (HMRR) with the financial support of European Union, under the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia – ENPARD II.