Goderdzi Alpine Garden – EU-supported rural development initiative in Khulo (en)

Goderdzi Alpine Garden, which is situated in Goderdzi Village of Khulo Municipality, is the only Alpinarium in the Caucasus Region. Over the past years, the Alpine Garden has developed its infrastructure significantly. Parking space was arranged in the garden, an administrative building was built, beekeeper’s house was constructed, touristic roads, footpaths and Alpinarium were arranged, etc.

Within the framework of the EU’s rural development project, electricity supply has been provided to the Alpine Garden. Namely, 5 kw/h solar panels were purchased and installed in the administrative building.

“Solar power system will allow us to operate independently in terms of energy efficiency. This project will stimulate local residents’ interest towards this direction, and it will also help to better ensure sustainable employment of nature resources.” – says Temur Vasadze, representative of Goderdzi Alpine Garden.

In 2017, more than 500 tourists visited the Alpine Garden. In 2018, the figure reached 2000 persons that is 150% growth. 30% of the visitors have used services of local hotels and food operators. In 2018, taxi services were also launched in the Goderdzi resort.

At present, 16 local residents are employed in Goderdzi Alpine Garden. After the project completion, the number of employees will rise to 30 persons.

The EU-funded rural development project in Khulo municipality is implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia