With the EU support trainings on finance accounting was organized for the winners of the second round of Rural Development grant competition in Khulo municipality

During 22-27 2020, trainings in finance accounting for winners of the second round of the Rural Development (RD) grant competition beneficiaries were organized. Trainings aimed to develop beneficiaries’ accounting capacities to work with initial accounting documents. The trainings were conducted by PMC RC consultant Tata Beridze.

In total 40 beneficiaries (6 women, 34 men) attended 6-day trainings. Training participants   significantly increased   knowledge of accounting basics.  They have received meaningful information about finance accounting. Trainings included different topics of the business accounting management such as: taxation, forms of legal entities, self-employment and employment, vacation, and business trip, working hours, preparation of necessary legal documents (invoice, service contracts etc.).

Participants were satisfied with trainings provided by PMC RC consultant Tata beridze’’. Khatuna Bolkvadze admitted: ‘’I have enjoyed training process and learned much from trainer and wish to participate in long term program to fully learn financial accounting.

The Project is implemented by the Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG) in partnership PMC RC and Croatian Rural Development Network (HMRR) with the financial support of European Union, under the European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia – ENPARD II.

The EU is supporting agriculture and rural development in Georgia through its ENPARD Programme. Implemented since 2013 with a total budget of EUR 179.5 million, the main goal of ENPARD is to reduce rural poverty in Georgia. The first phase of ENPARD in Georgia focused on developing the potential of agriculture. The second and third phases of ENPARD focus on creating economic opportunities for rural population that go beyond agricultural activities. More information on ENPARD is available at: www.enpard.ge.