Information Campaign in Khulo Municipality have been completed

ENPARD implementing organization Caritas Czech Republic in Georggia (CCRG) completed information campaign under the rural development project in Khulo municipality. Information meetings were aimed to introduce ENPARD Khulo to local residents, give the information about LEADER approach and LAG principles.

The information campaign started in July, 2017 and lasted till November, 2017. The informative meetings have been conducted in 30 villages of 12 communities include Khulo city itself, in total 41 meetings. Up to 500 local residents attended the meetings. Among the participants were local farmers, small business representatives, youth groups, traditional handicraft workers, AMAGI members and local government representatives.

During the meetings 80 participants (20 women and 60 men) expressed the interest to be LAG member and they are ready to be involved in LAG activities in the future. During the meetings project introductory booklets and LAG membership form were distributed.    

Starting from June 2017, Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia (CCRG) with the support EU, in partnership with Croatian non-governmental organization HMRR and PMC Research Center, is implementing project “Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo Municipality” in Khulo municipality.  Target groups of the project are local farmers, local guesthouse operators and touristic service providers, local food producers and handcraft workers, local community members (including CSOs, youth groups etc.), local government representatives.

After the information campaign finished Local Action Group (LAG) will be established, which will elaborate local development strategy (LDS).

he EU is supporting rural development in Georgia through its ENPARD Programme. Implemented since 2013 with a total budget of EUR 102 million, the main goal of ENPARD is to reduce rural poverty. More information on ENPARD is available at:

For more information please contact:

•           George Murvanidze, Project Manager, Mobile: 599 537 539,

•           Tamta Tavartkiladze, Local Action Group (LAG) Coordinator, Mobile: 577 12 34 76, •